Original Suoer 10A Charger SON-10A+ 220VAC to 6V 12V DC Fast Battery Charging for Lead Acid/ AGM/ Gel Battery in Pakistan


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  • Model: SON-10A+
  • Rated voltage : 6v-12v
  • Rated input Current : 220V
  • Output Voltage : 6v/12v
  • Charging Current : 7A~8A
  • Charging Mode : Three Phase
  • Rated Power : 47~ 63HZ
  • Full Load Efficiency : >87%
  • New LED screen display control panel
  • Applicable for gel battery and lead-acid battery

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Out of stock

  • Suitable for Lead Acid Battery-Wet Battery and Maintenance Free Battery-Dry Battery & Gel Battery
  • Charging Range: 7A/8A 10AH-200AH, can used for motorcycle, car, lorry batteries.
  • It is safe for directly charge the car battery without removing it from your car. And this can be used as car jump start kit as well to start your car when your car battery is weak.
  • Input voltage:100V-240V @50Hz
  • Max output charging current: 8A
  • Built-in intelligent Micro MCU controller
  • Auto stop when battery is fully charged (in Auto mode only)
  • 3 Phases charging technology for battery recovery
  • Built-in Reverse polarity protection, Over temperature protection, Short circuit protection
  • English interface and manual guide
  • Malaysia 2 pin power plug

 3 Phases Automatic Charging

  • 3 phases charging is automatically proceeded. And, automatically stops charging when the battery is full.
  • You can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely without the risk of overcharging.
  • Once the battery is full, the charger monitors the battery voltage and intermittent to float charging the battery.

Compact and convenient

  • Small and light as we adopt the switch mode technology Or we call Switching Power Supply, this is different from Linear Power using in traditional charger.
  • More than 85% electric energy was transferred to battery chemical energy during charging process comparing with 40% of conventional charger. The tech is suitable for all types of batteries (Wet, Maintenance Free, VRLA, AGM, Gel, etc)

Digital Display and More Protection

  • LCD display screen – This product is built with a LCD display screen which can display the charging current during the battery is charging.
  • Reverse polarity protection – When the charger is not charging state, the output clips polarity connect reversely ,then the charger will enter the protection model ;it does not have any adverse impact on the performance of the charger.
  • Short circuit protection – If the clips are connected each other, the charger will enter the protection mode when the short circuit occurs ,And this would not damage the charge at all.
  • Over-temperature protection – When the charger works in an environment of high temperature, after some time of continuous working ,temperature inside the machine will increase to enter the over temperature protection mode, the output current is reduced ;it does not have any adverse impact on the performance of the charger.
  • Fan Ventilation function – In the normal charging process, the cooling fan will auto turn on when the detected internal temperature exceeds 45℃ or the charging current is larger than 1.6A;and it will auto be turned off when the detected internal temperature is less than 40℃ or the charging current is less than 1A.

Maintain battery and recover it’s capacity

  • Pulse and reverse pulse charging technology is applied.
  • The charger generates pulse and reverse pulse to reduce battery impedance, gassing and temperature rise, restore the sulphate into liquid to recover battery capacity.
  • So that the charger can maintain battery and prolong its lifetime.

Instruction to use:

1) Please confirm the type of battery (12V/ 24V) before charging ,put the switch of battery type to the corresponding charge battery gear. Connects battery charger to the AC power and the output clip needs to be correctly connected to the battery positive and negative terminal,then you can start charging the battery

2) Let the battery charged until it is fully charged (when battery is full charged, the charging current will drop below 1A). You may let the battery continue for float charging about 1-2 hour for reconditioning the battery. Power off the charger unit and disconnect the battery cable when charging process is completed.

Package included:
1 x Charger
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