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3D printer includes a conduit frame and other hardware. 3D printing and CNC parts Both are compatible with a wide variety of materials, including both plastics and metals. Overall 3D printing is more focused on plastics. 3D printer is machine that’s creates a physical object from a three-dimensional digital mode. This process is done layer by layer. Whereas, In CNC the most commonly used plastics, ABS, Nylon, Poly-carbonate, peek and Acrylic. Aluminum is very commonly used metal in CNC. In CNC machining additive manufacturing processes is formed, such as in 3D printing formative additive manufacturing processes is formed, such as liquid injection molding.


3D printing technology’s rapidly changing the way we produce objects toys to clothing, houses and even body parts. 3D printing is a part of processing is known as additive manufacturing. In 3D printing   object is created by adding material layer by layer. Additive manufacturing allows to create complex parts for machines airplanes, plastic filaments, plastic or metal powders and cars. Now smaller consumer friendly printer is bringing additive manufacturing to home and businesses.  In 3D printing the first step is to create a blueprint of the object you want to print.  In 3D printing the most common material used is plastic but the use of some other material allows for the creation of some pretty amazing products beyond simple tools and toys. 3D printing food is become very popular. In medical field doctors are also use 3D print small body part like noses and ears. Some surgeons have even tested 3D printed organs for transplants. 3D printer provides low cost to making products and time efficient .3D printer can increase productivity. It is important to understand that 3D printing is a rapidly developing technology. The benefits of 3D Printing is Customization of each and every part, Low-cost prototyping with very quick turnaround, Large range of (specialty) materials and Geometric complexity at no extra cost.

CNC Parts

CNC is a technique which used to automate the machine controls and tools using software embedded in a microcomputer. The tool is mostly used in manufacturing to machine metal and plastic parts. This process is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastic wood, glass, foam, and composites. Plastic and metal are the main components of CNC. The machine tools that come with the CNC are lathe, mills, shapes, welding, wooden glass etc. The main components of CNC are Head-stock, CNC Lathe Bed, chuck, Tail-stock Quill, Foot Switch or Foot Pedals, CNC Control Panel, Tool Turret. CNC milling parts is used more often for simple shapes / features such as contours and grooves. CNC milling machines can process complex shapes and features.


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