SOGO 380V 15KW VFD MPPT Solar DC to AC Variable Frequency off Gird Inverter of Three Phase Motor Atta Chakki Tube Well Load in Pakistan


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  • Output Power:15KW
  • Atta Chakki , Chara Machine , Tube Well
  • Any type of 3 Phase Motor uptp 20 Hp
  • Rated Frequency :50hz/60hz
  • Output Frequency Range:0~400Hz
  • Input Voltage Range:3phase 380V±15%
  • Output Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15%
  • Control way: Open loop vector control(SVC)      V/F control
  • Main function: Control and adjust the speed of the ac motor

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4 in stock

Standard functions Maximum frequency  Vector control: 0-500Hz
V/F control: 0-500Hz
Carrier frequency 1-16 kHz
The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load features.
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01 Hz
Analog setting: Max. frequency x 0.025%
Control mode Sensorless vector control (SVC)
Frequency (V/F) control
Startup torque 0.25 Hz/150% (SVC)
Speed range 1:200 (SVC)
Speed stability accuracy ±0.5% (SVC)
Torque control accuracy ±5% for 10 Hz above (SVC)
Torque boost Customized boost 0.1 % to 30.0 %
V/F curve Straight-line V/F curve; Multi-point V/F curve; Square V/F curve; Complete V/F separation;
Half V/F separation
Ramp mode Straight-line ramp S-curve ramp
Four separate acceleration/deceleration time settings in the range of 0s to 6500s.
DC injection braking DC injection braking frequency: 0 Hz to max. frequency DC injection braking active time: 0.0s to 36.0s.
Current level of DC injection braking: 0% to 100%.
Jog running Frequency range of jog running: 0.00 to 50.00 Hz
Acceleration/Deceleration time of jog running:0.0s to 6500.0s
Onboard multiple preset speeds The system implements up to 16 speeds by using simple PLC function or by using digital input signals.
Onboard PID The system implements the proportionalegral-derivative (PID) function in the closed-loop control.
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) The system maintains a constant output voltage automatically when the grid voltage changes through the permissible range.
Overvoltage and overcurrent stall control The system limits the output current and voltage automatically during operation to prevent frequent or excessive trips.
Torque limit and control The system limits the torque automatically to prevent frequent overcurrent tripping during operation.
Individualized functions Power dip ride-through Load feedback energy compensates for any voltage reduction, allowing the drive to continue to operate for a short time during power dips.
Overcurrent fast prevention The function helps to avoid frequent overcurrent faults.
Virtual I/O Five groups of virtual digital input/outputs (X /DO) support simple logic control.
Timing control Time range: 0.0 to 6500.0 minutes
Dual-motor switchover The drive have two groups of motor parameters and can control up to two motors.
Multiple field buses The drive supports four field buses:
Modbus-RTU; PROFIBUS-DP; CANlink; CANopen
RUN Command source Allows different methods of switching between command sources:
Operating panel (keypad & display) Terminal I/O control
Serial communication
Main frequency reference setting channel Supports up to 10 frequency reference setting channels and allows different methods of switching between frequency reference setting channels:
Digital setting
Analog voltage reference Analog current reference Pulse reference Communication reference
Auxiliary frequency reference setting channel Supports up to 10 auxiliary frequency sources, and allows fine tuning of the auxiliary frequency and main & auxiliary calculation.
Input terminals Standard:
Six digital input (X) terminals, one of which supports up to 100 kHz high-speed pulse inputs.
Two analog input (AI) terminals, one of which supports only 0 to10 V input, and the other supports 0 to 10 V and 4 to 20 mA current input.
Output terminals Standard:
Single high-speed pulse output terminal (open-collector) for a square-wave signal output in the frequency range 0 to 100 kHz
Single digital output (DO) terminal Single relay output terminal
Single analog output (AM) terminal that supports either a current output in the range 4 to 20 mA or a voltage output in the range 0 to 10 V.
Key locking and function selection Keys on the control panel can be locked or partially locked electronically to prevent accidental operation.
The range of some functions can be limited to a permitted range to prevent incorrect settings.
Protections Phase loss protection Input phase loss protection
Output phase loss protection
Instantaneous overcurrent protection Stop when 200% of rated output current is exceeded
Overvoltage protection Stop when the DC bus voltage is above 800 V
Undervoltage protection Stop when the DC bus voltage is below 350 V
Overheat protection Protection triggered when the AC Drive bridge gets overheated.
Overload protection Stop after running at 150% of rated current for 60 seconds
Overcurrent protection Stop when 2.0 times of rated current of the AC drive is exceeded.
Braking protection Braking unit overload protection
Braking resistor short-circuit protection
Short-circuit protection Output phase-to-phase short-circuit protection
Output phase-to-ground short-circuit protection
Environment Installation location Install the AC Drive where it is indoors and protected from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive or combustible gases, oil smoke, vapour, ingress from water or any other liquid, and salt.
Altitude Below 1000 m
If the altitude exceeds 1000 m, de-rate the drive according to section 1.5 De-rating.
Max. 3000 m for LVD directive requirement.
Operation temperature -10℃ to +50℃
If the ambient temperature is not in this range, de-rate the drive according to section 1.5 De-rating.
Storage temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Humidity Less than 95% RH non-condensing.
Vibration Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6 g).
Pollution degree PD2
Overvoltage category OVC III
Package included:
1 x 15KW VFD Inverter
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