Suoer 12V 2000W Inverter with 30A Charger HBA-2000C


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  • Model : HBA-2000C
  • Output power : 2000W
  • Peak power : 4000W
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • USB input : DC 5V 1A
  • DC input Working voltage : DC 12V
  • Voltage range : 10.5V-1V
  • Alarm voltage : 10.5V
  • Low-voltage protection : 10V
  • Over-voltage protection : 16V
  • Efficiency : 70%-80%
  • Charge AC input voltage : AC 220V
  • AC input range : 165~265V
  • Charging current : SET5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A
  • Floating charge : 13.5V
  • LCD screen display
  • Optional charging current:5A to 30A
  • Over-current protection switch
  • Modified sine waveform output

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4 in stock

Suoer 12V 2000W Inverter with 30A Charger HBA-2000C extraordinarily designed for home use, which can convert DC 12V/24V of portable power supply to AC 110V/220V/230V and it works for almost all the household electrical resistive appliances such as MP3/MP4 player, cell phone, laptop, emergency light, electric blanket, electric shaver, electric cooker, digital camera, digital video,CD/DVD player, XBOX/PS4 game player, ordinary electric lamps, bulb, fluorescent light, rice cooker, electric iron, desktop computer, graphoscope,fax machines, printers, LCD TV, electric fans, cell phone chargers, electric iron , drinking fountain, hair dryer and so on.(Note: Only pure sine wave inverter can run sensitive electric appliances that are including refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric drill,compressor,air conditioner, mercury lamp, sodium lamp and so on).

Package included:
1 x UPS
2 x Wire
1 x Power Cable

The Suoer 12V 2000W Inverter with 30A Charger HBA-2000C is a state of the art power inverter and charger blend intended to give dependable and effective power change and charging capacities. This adaptable gadget is worked to fulfill the needs of different applications, from family use to outside experiences and business purposes.

The inverter flaunts a strong 2000W limit, equipped for changing over DC power from a 12V source into AC power, making it reasonable for running many gadgets and machines. Whether you really want to drive electronic gadgets, little home devices, or even delicate gear, this inverter can deal with the errand effortlessly. Furthermore, the HBA-2000C comes furnished with a 30A charger, guaranteeing that your batteries stay charged and prepared for use. The implicit charger gives a quick and proficient charging process, permitting you to keep your batteries beat up in a matter of moments.


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