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The following is a listing of various styles of sensors that can be generally utilized in numerous programs. All those sensors are used for measuring one of the bodily homes like Temperature, Resistance, Capacitance, Conduction, Heat Transfer, etc.

1- Temperature Sensor
2- Proximity Sensor
3- Accelerometer
4- IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor)
5- Pressure Sensor
6 – Light Sensor
7- Ultrasonic Sensor
8- Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor
9- Touch Sensor
10- Color Sensor
11- Humidity Sensor
12- Position Sensor
13- Magnetic Sensor (Hall Effect Sensor)
14- Microphone (Sound Sensor)
15- Tilt Sensor
16- Flow and Level Sensor
17- PIR Sensor
18- Touch Sensor
19-Strain and Weight Sensor

We will see approximately a few of the above-cited sensors in brief. More statistics approximately the sensors could be delivered subsequently. A listing of initiatives the use of the above sensors is given on the quit of the page.
Temperature Sensor

One of the maximum not unusual place and maximum famous sensors is the Temperature Sensor. A Temperature Sensor, because the call suggests, senses the temperature i.e., it measures the modifications withinside the temperature.

There are distinct styles of Temperature Sensors like Temperature Sensor ICs (like LM35, DS18B20), Thermistors, Thermocouples, RTD (Resistive Temperature Devices), etc.

Temperature Sensors may be analog or virtual. In an Analog Temperature Sensor, the modifications withinside the Temperature correspond to extra de in its bodily assets like resistance or voltage. LM35 is a conventional Analog Temperature Sensor.

Coming to the Digital Temperature Sensor, the output is a discrete virtual cost (commonly, a few numerical records after changing analog cost to virtual cost). DS18B20 is an easy Digital Temperature Sensor.

Temperature Sensors are used anywhere like computers, cell phones, cars, aircon systems, industries etc.

An easy mission the use of LM35 (Celsius Scale Temperature Sensor) is carried out on this mission: TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SYSTEM.
Proximity Sensors

A Proximity Sensor is a non-touch kind sensor that detects the presence of an item. Proximity Sensors may be carried out the use of distinct strategies like Optical (like Infrared or Laser), Sound (Ultrasonic), Magnetic (Hall Effect), Capacitive, etc.

Some of the programs of Proximity Sensors are Mobile Phones, Cars (Parking Sensors), industries (item alignment), Ground Proximity in Aircrafts, etc.

Proximity Sensor in Reverse Parking is carried out on this Project: REVERSE PARKING SENSOR CIRCUIT.
Infrared Sensor (IR Sensor)

IR Sensors or Infrared Sensors are mild primarily based totally sensor which can be utilized in numerous programs like Proximity and Object Detection. IR Sensors are used as proximity sensors in nearly all cell phones.

There are styles of Infrared or IR Sensors: Transmissive Type and Reflective Type. In Transmissive Type IR Sensor, the IR Transmitter (commonly an IR LED) and the IR Detector (commonly a Photo Diode) are placed going through every different so that once an item passes among them, the sensor detects the item.

The different form of IR Sensor is a Reflective Type IR Sensor. In this, the transmitter and the detector are placed adjoining to every different going through the item. When an item is available in the front of the sensor, the infrared mild from the IR Transmitter is pondered from the item and is detected with the aid of using the IR Receiver and as a consequence, the sensor detects the item.

Different programs wherein IR Sensor is carried out are Mobile Phones, Robots, Industrial assembly, cars, etc.

A small mission, wherein IR Sensors are used to show on avenue lights: STREET LIGHTS USING IR SENSORS.
Ultrasonic Sensor

An Ultrasonic Sensor is a non-touch kind tool that may be used to degree distance in addition to the pace of an item. An Ultrasonic Sensor works primarily based totally at the homes of the sound waves with frequency more than that of the human audible range.
Using the time of flight of the sound wave, an Ultrasonic Sensor can degree the space of the item (much like SONAR). The Doppler Shift assets of the sound wave is used to degree the speed of an item.

Arduino primarily based totally Range Finder is an easy mission with the use of Ultrasonic Sensor: PORTABLE ULTRASONIC RANGE METER.
Light Sensor

Sometimes additionally called Photo Sensors, Light Sensors are one of the critical sensors. An easy Light Sensor to be had these days is the Light Dependent Resistor or LDR. The assets of LDR are that its resistance is inversely proportional to the depth of the ambient mild i.e., whilst the depth of mild increases, its resistance decreases and vice-versa.

By the use of LDR is a circuit, we will calibrate the modifications in its resistance to degree the depth of Light. There are different Light Sensors (or Photo Sensors) that are regularly utilized in complicated digital gadget design. They are Photo Diode and Photo Transistor. All those are Analog Sensors.

There also are Digital Light Sensors like BH1750, TSL2561, etc., that may calculate the depth of mild and offer a virtual equal cost.

Check out this easy LIGHT DETECTOR USING LDR mission.

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