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An electric circuit breaker is a switching tool that may be operated manually or mechanically for controlling and defensive the electric energy system. Without a circuit breaker, there’s an excessive threat of electrical fires, electrocution, and electric shocks.

There are exclusive kinds of circuit breakers that can be primarily based totally on voltage, set up the location, outside layout, and interrupting mechanism. Read directly to recognize more.
Different kinds of circuit breakers and a way to discover them?

1-Based on Voltage
Low voltage circuit breakers-These breakers are rated to be used at low voltages up to two kV and are specially utilized in small-scale industries.
High voltage circuit breakers-these circuit breakers are designed for voltages above 2 kV. High voltage circuit breakers are in addition subdivided into transmission elegance breakers
Those which can be rated 123 kV and above
Medium voltage elegance (lesser than seventy-two kV) circuit breakers
2-By Installation Location
Indoor circuit breakers-These are designed to apply within the homes or in weather-resistant enclosures. They are normally operated at a medium voltage with a metallic clad switchgear enclosure.
Outdoor Circuit breakers-You can use those breakers outside with no roof because of their layout. Their outside enclosure association is powerful in comparison to the indoor breakers and may resist put on and tear.
3-Based on External Design
Dead tank circuit breakers-The breakers whose enclosed tank is at floor capability are called useless tank circuit breakers. Their tank encloses all of the insulating and interrupting media. In different words, the tank is shorted to the floor or it’s far at useless capability.
Live tank circuit breakers-These breakers have a tank housing interrupter this is at a capability above the floor. It is above the floor with a few insulation mediums in among.
4-By Interrupting Mechanism
Air circuit breaker– This breaker makes use of air as an insulating and interrupting medium. The breaker is sub-labeled into sorts
Low voltage circuit breaker whose fee lies beneath a thousand V
High voltage circuit breaker whose fee is a thousand V and above. It is in addition labeled into oil circuit breakers and the oil-much less circuit breaker
Oil circuit breaker-It makes use of oil as an interrupting and insulating medium. These breakers are divided into sorts primarily based totally on the strain and quantity of oil used.
Vacuum circuit breakers-These breakers use vacuum because of the interrupting medium because of its excessive dielectric and diffusive properties.
MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)-The modern-day scores for this breaker is much less than 100A and have the most effective one over-modern-day safety constructed inside it. The ride settings aren’t adjustable on this circuit.
MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breakers)-Current scores for those breakers are better than 1000A. They have earth fault safety in conjunction with modern-day safety. The ride settings of the Molded Case Circuit Breaker may be adjusted easily.
Single pole circuit breaker – This breaker has one warm twine and one impartial twine that perform at one hundred twenty V. When there’s a fault, it’ll interrupt simply the new twine.
There are warm wires and each of the poles want to be interrupted.
GFI or GFCI circuit breaker (Ground fault circuit interrupter)-These are protection switches that ride on floor fault modern-day. The GFCI breaker interrupts the electric circuit whilst it detects the slightest variance among section and impartial wires.
Arc Fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)-The AFCI breaker interrupts the circuit at some stage in immoderate arc situations and stops fire. Under the regular arcing condition, this breaker may be idle and won’t interrupt the circuit.

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