Battery charger only Charge the battery, Whereas the UPS is a power supply just like an inverter, but it can also charge its own battery. UPS provides the immediate main supply to the battery is very whereas in inverter the switching provides mains supply to battery which takes times. A ups battery that provides power to the load when the main power fails. ups switch over Immediate. UPS Connection Directly connected to the appliances. UPS is more expensive. The main functionality of the UPS is to store the electric supply. Battery charger continuously produces DC power. If the power fails, the battery will provide power to the inverter Difficult to repair its battery. High quality batteries give 2 3-year warranty. Slow may take enough time to charger complete a charge. High price chargers may restore most capacity much faster. UPS provides the electrical backup power Its directly connected to the home appliances. The UPS categorized into three types.

1.Offline Standby

The main feature of the offline/standby is to provide the backup power and protect the system from the power surges.


The line interactive  UPS is also called the standby power system. It has variable voltage transformer which adds or subtracts the power coils of wire.

3.Online/Double Conversion

In online ups, the battery is always connected to the inverter and no additional power transfer switches require in the circuit.


The inverter is a circuit that changes the DC to AC. It doesn’t generate electric power; the power which is supplied to inverter from the battery. The inverter converts the unidirectional current into bidirectional. The runtime of the inverter depends on the power of the battery. If we use a number of devices the inverter increases then their running time will decrease. So, if we improve the runtime of the inverter number of batteries are used for storing the DC power. It Takes time when switch over. Inverter is connected to the battery and appliances. It is less expensive. It has Long Duration of supply. Its Only for Domestic Use. Inverter provides the electronics backup power supply. Inverter have Voltage Fluctuation. The inverter has categorized in two types which are Stand Alone inverter, Grid Tie Inverter.

1.Stand Alone inverter

The basic function of Stand-Alone inverter is to converts the DC in to AC. The output of Stand-Alone inverter is the sine wave, yet in some cases in view of twisting, their shape may upset.

2.Grid Tie Inverter

The grid tie inverter supplies the AC power to the huge grid of the power system. This inverter not store the electrical energy. Because if its store the electrical energy, the battery is used. So the battery stores the energy in the form of the DC and inverter helps in storing the AC power which coming from the batteries source.


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