Electrical circuit breaker is a switching device that can be automatically operated or manually for protecting and controlling the system. It can also be dangerous if it gets out of control. Breakers are that devices which automatically stops the flow of current   if it reaches a certain level. Circuit breakers are very beneficial for housing and small offices, because they are a major safety measure in common households and in the electrical grid. If no one is around here when a circuit gets overloaded, there can sometimes there is no other way to prevent a short circuit that could potentially cause a fire. Internal Body of a CB (Circuit Breaker) consists of a small wire or spring that is connected at both terminals of CB/fuse. when a fault is detected protection, relay trips a circuit breaker. After taking the command from the protective relay, the circuit breaker disconnect the faulted element. The fault is clear fast with the help of fast-acting protective relay and associated circuit breaker, the damage to the apparatus is reduced, by removing the particularly faulted section, the risk of life is reduced. electronic relays use digital technology to provide fast, reliable, accurate, and repeatable outputs. Use an electronic or microprocessor-based relay instead of an electromechanical design. It provides so many advantages including improved accuracy, additional functions, reduced maintenance, smaller space requirements and life-cycle costs.


Electricity Also called breaker. A device which breaks an electric circuit to stops excessive current, as that caused by a short circuit, from damaging the apparatus in the circuit or from causing a fire. A circuit breaker must be wired in series with one or two of the wires that run throughout a house’s electrical system. each wire has a place to go in the circuit breaker enclosure as well as to exit the enclosure. The purpose of the circuit breaker is to force the conductor out of contact with the wires leading in and out of the breaker, due to this the flow of electricity is stopped. Most important the CB (circuit breaker) should be connected in Series the wires that are connected throughout electrical system. The different types of high voltage circuit breakers are DC Circuit Breaker, Earth leakage Circuit Breaker and Air Circuit Breaker etc.


1. Air Circuit Breaker

This circuit breaker will operate in the air. Many of the countries, the air circuit breaker is replaced by an oil circuit breaker. Air circuit breaker up to 15KV.

Application and Uses of Air Circuit Breaker

  • Air Circuit Breaker is used for protection of plants, electrical machines, transformers, capacitors, and generators.
  • Air Circuit Breaker also used in Low or as well High Currents and voltage

Advantages of Air Circuit Breaker

  • It is risk-free from fire
  • Small in size and requires less maintenance.
  • The speed of the circuit breaker is much higher.
2.Earth leakage Circuit

ELCB (Earth leakage circuit breakers) is directly detecting currents device that leaking to earth from an installation and cut the power and mainly used in TT earthing systems. ELCB is a safety device. It is used for installing an electrical device with high earth impedance to avoid shock. The main function of Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is to stop damage to humans & animals due to electric shock.

3.DC Circuit Breakers

when a circuit is threatened of becoming overloaded then the DC circuit breakers automatically shut off the power reset. It detects a fault and immediately interrupts the continuity in the electrical flow. when it gets overloaded unlike a fuse which will blow out, a circuit breaker can be reset. This breaker also used on desktop computers. Some DC circuit breakers are designed to reset automatically, but mostly circuits are reset manually.


Protection relay is an electrical device which is connected between the main circuit and circuit breaker, it detects the fault in the power system and to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. To make a decisions protection relay needs information from the system.

Processes: Once the inputs are connected and the settings are programmed, relay compares these values and makes a decision. Its Depending on the need of people, different types of relays are available for different functions.

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